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Together Against Exploitation


Welcome to our community-driven initiative dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and protecting our most vulnerable members. In Northern Nevada, we refuse to be silent bystanders.

Our commitment is unwavering: no child should suffer, no person should be enslaved.

We Hear You Now

Children are being trafficked. It’s time to get LOUD! Help spread awareness.

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Human trafficking and child exploitation pose an alarming threat to our society, endangering the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of countless innocent lives. HTPA aims to address this pressing concern through a comprehensive approach involving awareness, primary prevention through education and advocacy.

Janet Lombardo

Founder, CEO, Human Trafficking Prevention Alliance

Our Vision

Our vision is simply the end of human trafficking & child exploitation, and justice for survivors.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create safe, healthy, and secure communities for children through prevention, education, collaboration, and engagement.

What We Do

Human Trafficking Prevention Alliance (HTPA) is inspiring a positive belief that we can do better together to raise awareness and shine a light on human trafficking and child exploitation. If we are to make a positive impact on people’s lives, we must raise our voices together about the issues. By collaborating with optimism and a shared vision, we can make strides and bring about transformation. We can prevent human trafficking and child exploitation.

HTPA is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide communities with the knowledge and tools that will empower them to combat predators who are targeting our vulnerable populations.

















Our Core Values


We believe it is our responsibility to demonstrate courage in tackling the complex and challenging issues surrounding trafficking.


We strive to promote the empowerment of vulnerable children and communities by providing them with resources, education, and opportunities to break free from exploitation.


We will continue to inspire hope for a future free from trafficking and exploitation.


HTPA will maintain the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability in all organizational activities, including governance, fundraising, and program implementation.


It is critical that we demonstrate empathy, compassion, and respect towards survivors, victims, and their families, understanding the trauma they have experienced, and treating them with dignity and sensitivity.

Protecting Our Children in the Digital Age: Safeguarding from Online Predators 

Protecting Our Children in the Digital Age: Safeguarding from Online Predators by Janet Lombardo Founder, CEO - HTPA Executive Summary:  The internet offers immense opportunities for children, but it also harbors hidden dangers. Predatory individuals may exploit...

Male Victims of Human Trafficking

Did you know? According to the 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report from the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, boys represent the fastest-growing segment of identified human trafficking victims.  UNODC’s 2022 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons,...

Everyone can do something to help safeguard teens from human trafficking and exploitation.

Parents often ask us at HTPA, "What are some things I can do to reduce my teen's risk of being trafficked?" We can all do something to help protect our children. Education is key. We recommend parents and guardians to learn about the risk and protective factors of...

A Hidden Epidemic

Social Media Exploitation and Sextortion is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. In 2021 the cyber tip line increased to 29.3 million. Children are being targeted and groomed by predators online every day.  Statistics say that up to 9,000 children are being...

HTPA in the News

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A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO THE PREVENTION OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD EXPLOITATION. Sparks, NV– August 12, 2023 – Nevada residents take a significant stride forward in safeguarding its children against the heinous crimes of trafficking and exploitation...

Become a Champion of Change

By becoming a member of HTPA, you have an opportunity to unite with a group dedicated to eliminating human trafficking and protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Do you recognize the significance of policy in establishing enduring solutions to aid victims of human trafficking and enforce accountability for those who exploit children?

When you join our team, you may also choose to become a Champion of Change!

As a Champion of Change, you will stay informed about advocacy campaigns, receive time-sensitive calls-to-action when your voice can make a difference, and actively contribute to our mission.

Together, we aim to pass legislation throughout Nevada and the entire nation, ensuring the safety of victims. Your voice is essential in inspiring elected officials to join our movement towards ending human trafficking and child exploitation.

If you’re ready to make a difference, check YES to Champion of Change when you become a HTPA Member.

Connecting With Your State Government

Ask our Governer to support Safe Harbors

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 Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation!

Every day, innocent lives around the world fall victim to the horrors of human trafficking and exploitation. These victims lives are stolen, their dreams shattered, and their innocence robbed. But together, we can make a difference.

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to preventing human trafficking and child exploitation. We work tirelessly to protect vulnerable children, raise awareness, and provide support to survivors.  Fin out how your sponsorship matters.